Pallet Safety

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While googiling my evening away 🙂 I came across this brilliant post on pallets.

I Love the advice on the how, when and where of pallets and should you have time, check out the Funky Junk pallet creations, i am particularly loving the pallet sawhorse ladder desk.



August Project Expenditure

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Twice in one day, aren’t you lucky! This is the per project summary for August, see the total summary here.


Summary Project expense

August 2013 Total Expenditure

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I have attached a quick summary of the expenditure I incurred during the month of August on my D.I.Y equipment. Now it may seem a lot and for a normal month I would totally agree but I literally had nothing but a drill so I very much expect that coming months will see me incurring a lot less but making a lot more! So please open the PDF.


Aug Total Expenses

August Gift to Me

I have loads of projects in mind that are going to need sanding done! So what better gift than a sanding tool?! Yay im so excited, cant wait to start sanding some wood tomorrow!

– Quick Update

My little mouse sander worked like a charm. I am very impressed with my purchase.

For the love of chalk

Hi there

I’m in Love! that true soul deep, you want to scream it from the rooftops love. True as can be D.I.Y love and with chalk paint none the less! I can’t stop myself, I want to chalk paint everything!

It’s so much fun, painting chalk paint on something and getting to write on objects, I have never been able to write on. I can now scribble down those heat of the moments idea’s on anything!

Now I know it sounds like I have lost my little D.I.Y head and you might be right, who knows?

I really needed some sort of box? storage item? to put on my coffee table as I have this horrible tendency to place a lot of books on it and before I know it is piled high under all those books, you almost can’t see the table! So I thought you have an old tomato crate, some chalk paint(just staring at me, saying use me!) let’s make a cute crate book holder, a little lining on the inside a voila, you have a decent piece to display!

Chalk box

Now I’m off to find something else to chalk paint!


How to upholster a tufted headboard

How to upholster a tufted headboard by Little Green Notebook . I will so be doing it this way, this weekend!


Pallet Headboard

DSCF2182SO Very very excited to begin my pallet headboard this afternoon!
If only work would hurry up and be done.