Spring is Here

Oh Happy Days,

It’s that time of the year again! Spring is here and what better way to initiate spring 2013? Be a full-blown nerd while doing a flower inspired craft.

How you may ask?

nerd collage

Throw open the windows as wide as you can; Watch Star Wars (Yes Star Wars) while repainting an indoor Lavender plant with some absolutely wonderful chalk paint(doubt my undying love for chalk paint? Do see here)!

And there you have it, its quick, it’s easy and its loads of fun. The best part about this project is there are so many ways you could do it your way. Instead of painting the whole container with chalk paint you could easily do some shapes or words, just add Microsoft word and a dash of inspiration!

These lovely indoor Lavender plants are also a wonderful gift (It just so happened I “gifted” myself…. Again), just add some chalk and voila, an adorable gift!

lavender collage



The First of the First

On a lovely rainy day when I was again searching for that one DVD I really wanted to watch but for the life of me could not find, I decided there and then that a solution to my problem must be found! I am sure you have had the same problem; how to store your media?

With that goal in mind I searched around the house for something which could be utilised for this purpose and found these “bookshelves” I planned on hanging in my hallway but never got round to doing.


I started off with only three shelves and as my collection grew so did the number of shelves.


They are really easy to hang, they look amazing above my television and they don’t take up any unnecessary space!