Cutlery Canvas Art Set

Hello hello,

Its been a while…but fear not,two six-hour exam papers cannot hold back the creative juices! Where there’s a will there’s a way.

My mom needed some new decor for her kitchen, which she is redoing and she wanted 4 canvases with cutlery on it. Simple enough. (Now I have done crayon art before, which you can see here and here) As mentioned before its real easy to make and could be done in your study breaks 🙂

collagespoon set

Hope you enjoyed this quick update!



Canvas Art

Hi there!

Hope your day has been as fun as mine! I am almost 99% sure this little craft has been the most fun to make!

I saw pictures of crayon art on pinterest(most trusted friend for inspiration) and totally loved the idea and look of it. It is super easy to make and only requires, a canvas,crayons,hair dryer and a silhouette of your choice.

Take your silhouette of choice and import it into Microsoft word, once its in play around with the size until it’s what you want.

When you have printed it out, try to cut as close to the picture as you can. Place the picture where you want it on the canvas and using a pencil, draw the outline.


Now the fun begins! Take your crayons and one at a time, hold it at an angle while blowing the hair dryer over it. You will start to see the crayon melt and begin to make the “splashes”. When you have the coverage you want, paint the silhouette black.


And there you have it folks, really cool homemade art!



Bathroom Tray


I came to the serious conclusion this week, that my random projects for different parts of the house is unproductive and that i must start at one room finish it and move on. With that in mind, I decided my bathroom would be the lucky winner.

Now like any girl I am sure there are many bottles and other goodies standing around and this disorganization has really started to annoy me. So today’s tutorial will be to make a bathroom tray for the baths edge, in which all my goodies can go!

What you will need:

– 5 x same length pallet wood

– Screws

– primer

– white paint

– Drill

– Sander

– Varnish

I began with sanding the pieces of wood, until it was smooth and the edges were nice and round.


I then decided how I wanted the tray to look and so started measuring the size of the pieces I needed for the legs and in between the front and back pieces(Note: I had no idea how to use the jigsaw machine, so thanks to my very best friend for lending a hand!). When this was all said and done, I began drilling holes and attaching the pieces of wood together.


When the tray was put together it was time for some priming and eventually the white paint.


While the paint was drying, I painted the lettering the color I wanted.


(Who knew you could study and D.I.Y, all in one day!)

I gave the tray one last good sanding down, attached my letters and varnished the finished product.


I now finally have some organization in my bathroom!:)


For the love of chalk

Hi there

I’m in Love! that true soul deep, you want to scream it from the rooftops love. True as can be D.I.Y love and with chalk paint none the less! I can’t stop myself, I want to chalk paint everything!

It’s so much fun, painting chalk paint on something and getting to write on objects, I have never been able to write on. I can now scribble down those heat of the moments idea’s on anything!

Now I know it sounds like I have lost my little D.I.Y head and you might be right, who knows?

I really needed some sort of box? storage item? to put on my coffee table as I have this horrible tendency to place a lot of books on it and before I know it is piled high under all those books, you almost can’t see the table! So I thought you have an old tomato crate, some chalk paint(just staring at me, saying use me!) let’s make a cute crate book holder, a little lining on the inside a voila, you have a decent piece to display!

Chalk box

Now I’m off to find something else to chalk paint!


How to upholster a tufted headboard

How to upholster a tufted headboard by Little Green Notebook . I will so be doing it this way, this weekend!


Some beauty for my bedroom

Hey there,

If i could do my Desiree happy dance, i so totally would! But alas all the hard work from the last two days have taken its toll on my unsuspecting thighs! You may be wondering what on earth i could have done that does not involve some torture machine at a gym? Well ladies and gents i will tell you, i made a pallet headboard.

Now don’t let that scare you off, it takes time, it takes some effort but its loads of fun, looks great and can be done for so much less money than buying it at a store.


1 Large Pallet (Depending on size, mine was for a queen size bed)

2 Anchor woods (Cut to your desired length)




Wood stain


Headboard sponge



STEP 1 & 2

Remove all the individual wood pieces from the pallet as neatly as you can. Pallet wood does tend to be a bit fragile, so breaking the pieces away from the board as hard as you can may destroy the wood. Once you have removed the pieces and nails, you can sand down the edges or the whole wood piece.

step 1 and 2

Step 3

When you have measured,decided,changed your mind and finally made up your mind about the width and breath of your headboard, you can begin with step 3. Take the pallet pieces you have sanded down and divide them into two’s, because my pallet pieces were so long i could easily place one on top of the other and join them by drilling 4 holes and screwing in 4 screws. Repeat this process until, when you lie the pieces underneath each other they are the breadth that you want.( I decided my breadth of the actual headboard by taking the measurement from the top of the mattress to the top point of the headboard, less a space for pillows). If your pieces are not long enough you will have to mend them together at the back. (What would a project at 7 o’clock at night be without a bit of energy)

Step 3


It’s time to attach your headboard to the anchor pieces. I did this by drilling two holes per side of the pallet and attaching the pallet to the anchor poles. DO NOT attach the last pallet as it will be used in step 5.

Step 4


Congrats you are halfway! Now its time for some good old sitting and threading! When purchasing your material, do not buy it to the exact measurement of your board, you will need more so as to attach the material at the back of your board. Once you have decided where the sponge will meet the material and the placement of your buttons( I used measuring tape to get the pattern on the material that i wanted to make with the buttons and so that i could see if what i imagined was in accord with what would actually be), you can begin to thread the buttons through the sponge.

STEP 5.1

When you have your material/sponge finished, you can now attach the material to the pallet you have not yet attached to the frame. I would suggest doing this with a staple gun. When the material and pallet are one, you can then attach it to the frame the same as you did with the previous pallets.

Step 5


Take the staple gun and staple the material to the back of the board. As fate would have it the one side of mine came out perfectly and the other, well lets say not so much.

Step 6

STEP 7 & 8

Now for the easy part, sit down and relax. All you have to do now is stain and varnish your wood.

step 7&8

Tada a headboard was made! Finished headboard

I hope this was helpful and would love to see your headboard master piece, so leave a link in the comment box.

Happy D.I.Y ing!