Canvas Art

Hi there!

Hope your day has been as fun as mine! I am almost 99% sure this little craft has been the most fun to make!

I saw pictures of crayon art on pinterest(most trusted friend for inspiration) and totally loved the idea and look of it. It is super easy to make and only requires, a canvas,crayons,hair dryer and a silhouette of your choice.

Take your silhouette of choice and import it into Microsoft word, once its in play around with the size until it’s what you want.

When you have printed it out, try to cut as close to the picture as you can. Place the picture where you want it on the canvas and using a pencil, draw the outline.


Now the fun begins! Take your crayons and one at a time, hold it at an angle while blowing the hair dryer over it. You will start to see the crayon melt and begin to make the “splashes”. When you have the coverage you want, paint the silhouette black.


And there you have it folks, really cool homemade art!




The First of the First

On a lovely rainy day when I was again searching for that one DVD I really wanted to watch but for the life of me could not find, I decided there and then that a solution to my problem must be found! I am sure you have had the same problem; how to store your media?

With that goal in mind I searched around the house for something which could be utilised for this purpose and found these “bookshelves” I planned on hanging in my hallway but never got round to doing.


I started off with only three shelves and as my collection grew so did the number of shelves.


They are really easy to hang, they look amazing above my television and they don’t take up any unnecessary space!

When to Use Sanding Sealer

When to Use Sanding Sealer.

I love this article, as i am very unsure still about what wood product go’s where and when and this just clarified the sanding sealer mystery!