Pallet Safety

Hello hello,

While googiling my evening away 🙂 I came across this brilliant post on pallets.

I Love the advice on the how, when and where of pallets and should you have time, check out the Funky Junk pallet creations, i am particularly loving the pallet sawhorse ladder desk.



How to upholster a tufted headboard

How to upholster a tufted headboard by Little Green Notebook . I will so be doing it this way, this weekend!


Vintage Crate

I really like this post from Lolly Jane on how to give your crate that wonderful vintage look.


Painting quotes on wood

I love this post -, that gives an easy way of painting quotes onto wood boards.


When to Use Sanding Sealer

When to Use Sanding Sealer.

I love this article, as i am very unsure still about what wood product go’s where and when and this just clarified the sanding sealer mystery!