Bathroom Tray


I came to the serious conclusion this week, that my random projects for different parts of the house is unproductive and that i must start at one room finish it and move on. With that in mind, I decided my bathroom would be the lucky winner.

Now like any girl I am sure there are many bottles and other goodies standing around and this disorganization has really started to annoy me. So today’s tutorial will be to make a bathroom tray for the baths edge, in which all my goodies can go!

What you will need:

– 5 x same length pallet wood

– Screws

– primer

– white paint

– Drill

– Sander

– Varnish

I began with sanding the pieces of wood, until it was smooth and the edges were nice and round.


I then decided how I wanted the tray to look and so started measuring the size of the pieces I needed for the legs and in between the front and back pieces(Note: I had no idea how to use the jigsaw machine, so thanks to my very best friend for lending a hand!). When this was all said and done, I began drilling holes and attaching the pieces of wood together.


When the tray was put together it was time for some priming and eventually the white paint.


While the paint was drying, I painted the lettering the color I wanted.


(Who knew you could study and D.I.Y, all in one day!)

I gave the tray one last good sanding down, attached my letters and varnished the finished product.


I now finally have some organization in my bathroom!:)