Spring is Here

Oh Happy Days,

It’s that time of the year again! Spring is here and what better way to initiate spring 2013? Be a full-blown nerd while doing a flower inspired craft.

How you may ask?

nerd collage

Throw open the windows as wide as you can; Watch Star Wars (Yes Star Wars) while repainting an indoor Lavender plant with some absolutely wonderful chalk paint(doubt my undying love for chalk paint? Do see here)!

And there you have it, its quick, it’s easy and its loads of fun. The best part about this project is there are so many ways you could do it your way. Instead of painting the whole container with chalk paint you could easily do some shapes or words, just add Microsoft word and a dash of inspiration!

These lovely indoor Lavender plants are also a wonderful gift (It just so happened I “gifted” myself…. Again), just add some chalk and voila, an adorable gift!

lavender collage



August Project Expenditure

Hi Again,

Twice in one day, aren’t you lucky! This is the per project summary for August, see the total summary here.


Summary Project expense

August 2013 Total Expenditure

Hi there,

I have attached a quick summary of the expenditure I incurred during the month of August on my D.I.Y equipment. Now it may seem a lot and for a normal month I would totally agree but I literally had nothing but a drill so I very much expect that coming months will see me incurring a lot less but making a lot more! So please open the PDF.


Aug Total Expenses

Hall Décor Mini-Series: Part 1

Hello there!

I have finally started with my first real “project”, the decor for my hallway. I have posted my very sketchy drawing before of the idea that I have for it. Because it will consist of four individual parts I have decided to do it in four bite size editions.

So let’s kick off part 1!

The first part I thought I would start with the easiest of the four – a simple pallet sign (or so I thought!)

Making the actual sign was not hard at all but when it came to the lettering I had a bit of a failure. I seriously thought I would be able to just paint it on, but it appeared rather quickly (thank goodness) that that would not be the case. It turned out my painting “handwriting” was as atrocious as my usual handwriting.

So after a lot of sanding and some googiling, I had fixed my mistake and found a solution. I used the “print out the words in Microsoft word” and draw it on with a ballpoint pen method, which really worked like a charm; it created nice grooves for the paint to run into.

Eventually it came out as this and I must say I truly love it! It actually came out better than I could have imagined!collage pallet sign

Hope you enjoyed it!


August Gift to Me

I have loads of projects in mind that are going to need sanding done! So what better gift than a sanding tool?! Yay im so excited, cant wait to start sanding some wood tomorrow!

– Quick Update

My little mouse sander worked like a charm. I am very impressed with my purchase.

For the love of chalk

Hi there

I’m in Love! that true soul deep, you want to scream it from the rooftops love. True as can be D.I.Y love and with chalk paint none the less! I can’t stop myself, I want to chalk paint everything!

It’s so much fun, painting chalk paint on something and getting to write on objects, I have never been able to write on. I can now scribble down those heat of the moments idea’s on anything!

Now I know it sounds like I have lost my little D.I.Y head and you might be right, who knows?

I really needed some sort of box? storage item? to put on my coffee table as I have this horrible tendency to place a lot of books on it and before I know it is piled high under all those books, you almost can’t see the table! So I thought you have an old tomato crate, some chalk paint(just staring at me, saying use me!) let’s make a cute crate book holder, a little lining on the inside a voila, you have a decent piece to display!

Chalk box

Now I’m off to find something else to chalk paint!


How to upholster a tufted headboard

How to upholster a tufted headboard by Little Green Notebook . I will so be doing it this way, this weekend!